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Melissa White is a psychic medium and intuitive advisor. As a child, she always felt deeply connected to the angelic and spirit realms but often was confused as to how to express what she saw, felt and knew. It wasn't until a near death experience one week after giving birth to her son, that she began to truly embrace and start to understand her psychic power. She was 23 years old with a new born baby and a ruptured appendix. No one was taking her seriously. The doctors had told her the pain could be due to labour issues or an infection of some kind but Melissa knew in her heart, she was close to death. Spirit manifested in an undeniable manner and thankfully Melissa underwent exploratory surgery just in time. Doctors reported after the surgery that she would not have survived another 24 hours had they not operated when they did. This event was a turning point that would change and shape Melissa's world. She knew from that moment forward she was going to make the absolute most of her life and that she would not question her connection to Spirit, God or her own soul ever again.

To develop and hone her skills, Melissa has taken several courses. She has completed extensive mentorship with British psychic medium and teacher Tony Stockwell Throughout this training, Melissa has worked tirelessly to enhance and strengthen all of her psychic faculties while increasing her connection and bond with the world of spirit. Melissa is also part of "Shay Parker's Best American Psychics" which is a select group of double tested and validated psychics proven to be valid and ethical in their work. Melissa is certified as an angel card reader by Doreen Virtue and is also certified by Linda Howe as a reader of the Askashic Records.Melissa firmly believes in the importance and value of continual learning and enjoys being a student of the Universe as well as a teacher. The journey is infinite!

In connecting with her soul's highest purpose, Melissa is able to share her gift of communicating with Spirit. She is accurate, compassionate and works with integrity. Melissa provides healing messages for clients seeking confirmation, guidance and peace. She is honoured to be a clear channel for spirit and angels alike. Melissa's approach is warm and gentle while she delivers evidence and specific information to assist others in not only believing their loved ones are near, but actually beginning to FEEL and know it for themselves.

Melissa works with a deep reverence for Spirit and is committed to being a true lightworker. She aims to inspire others with hope, healing and love.


Psychic Soul Reading

$140/ 50 minute session.

Angel card readings offer insight into your work, relationships, life purpose, health and much more. Your guardian angels are eager to deliver their messages in a gentle, compassionate manner. I am honoured to be a channel for them to communicate with you.





Mediumship Reading

$140/ 50 minute session

 During your mediumship reading, it is my hope that you will gain insight, comfort and a true sense of peace. Spirit never ceases to amaze. They bring specific, detailed information as evidence that they are still very much a part
of our lives.

Group reading also available in sizes from 5- 10 people. $45/person, host is free. Groups are 2 hrs maximum This is a beautiful way for family and friends to connect with their loved ones in Spirit, together.

Past Life Reading

$90/30 min session.

This type of reading is designed to bring insight into the journey your soul has taken thus far. Although we cannot change the past, we can most definitely learn and grow from our experiences. A past life reading can be absolutely life changing. Sometimes just recognizing our past fears/challenges/blocks is enough to enable us to release them. Perfect for those wishing to learn as much as possible about themselves, on a soul level.



Development Sessions

$140/ 50 min session

Melissa is pleased to help facilitate your spiritual development. She offers a relaxed, peaceful environment in which you can feel empowered to develop your intuitive skills. Melissa offers personalized meditations to music chosen specifically for you. She helps you to realize your strengths and to strengthen the areas in which you feel you'd like to work on. Areas include opening up and working with the Third Eye, mediumship, psychic work and angelic communication.

Payments can be split into 2 installments



Intuitive Counselling

4 session package$444 including personalized meditation, healing, extra support
and much more.

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective! Melissa's style is gentle and loving, offering insight into relationship dynamics, health, spiritual growth and career/business guidance. Melissa is able to look past the surface to uncover what is blocking you and in turn offer divinely guided solutions. Real solutions~ not just talk! These sessions are designed to offer ongoing support rather than a one time reading. This package includes extra phone calls and email correspondence with opportunities to ask questions as things come up or simply just to check in and receive an energetic boost.

Spiritual Healing

$80/40 min session

Melissa works closely with the angelic realm to access a very high vibrational healing energy. A spiritual healing appointment is useful for those times when you are feeling somewhat stuck, lacking energy, feeling the effects of heavy grief or simply wishing to nurture your soul a little bit. Melissa chooses music to suit your specific needs and strives to create and hold a beautiful sacred space for you to receive the healing you need. You will also be provided with a 3 card angel card reading within this session which will assist you in furthering your understanding with regards to your energetic and spiritual needs


What you should know

Please avoid the use of alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to your reading. These substances can cloud the energy, making it difficult for you to be read.

Please arrive on time as appointments are scheduled on the hour. If you are late, unfortunately, Melissa is not able to give you the full 50 minutes for your appt.

Try to remain as relaxed and as open minded as possible in order to allow for a good energetic connection and flow of information.

I will provide you with a digital recording of your reading which will be sent to you via email within a week's time.

Feel free to bring photographs, pieces of jewelry, etc. for Melissa to use, however they are not at all necessary.

Most of all, connecting with Spirit is a sacred, beautiful, healing experience! It is meant to be uplifting and hopefully life changing. Melissa is honoured to share this experience with you.

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Happy Clients

I visited Melissa for the first time today. I had never been to a medium before and i had no idea what to expect. The experience was amazing. She has a wonderful gift. I am recommending her to everyone. I came out feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much!

Brittany Killburn, Maple Ridge

Everything I wanted to know, you confirmed for me, you are absolutely amazing. I can relax now knowing my babies are OK and knowing where my life is headed in such a positive direction! Thank you so so much Melissa.

Krista Johnston, Maple Ridge


Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! You gave me direction and answered so many questions. You nailed it! Hugs!"

Joanne Davies, Prince George

You have truly outdone yourself! My family was so moved and touched by your reading. They said they it ended in tears of joy and full hearts. Thank you again for your wonderful reading and I look forward to seeing you soon! God Bless! "

Vanessa David, Vancouver


I completely enjoyed the experience! Melissa made me feel right at home and was very thorough with her descriptions and messages. She was so helpful and reassuring with my angel reading, which helped to make me feel more in touch with my identity. The mediumship experience was also very rewarding and uplifting. I was delightfully surprised at how many of my loved ones came through with messages! I will definitely be recommending Melissa to friends and family!" Tami Owens, Mission

Melissa is a very insightful and intuitive light worker with a pure heart who is very compassionate as she's doing a reading for you. I went to see her with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised with an amazing reading that exceeded my expectations. It was FABULOUS! It was beyond a simple reading and delved into the depths of what truly resonates inside me. I've never met a person who truly 'got me' like Melissa has. I now have a clearer understanding and validation of why things have been happening in my life and what I need to do in the future. My session with her left me feeling understood, more empowered, grateful and excited about the future. A heartfelt thank you, Melissa!" Lynn Jan, Vancouver


Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful reading tonight. You were amazing and the messages were so clear. Thank you!"

Sarah Wilson, Maple Ridge

Nice to know somebody who's the real deal! So much fun to connect with people that left us. You rock lady!!"

Doug Foley, Maple Ridge


Thank you Melissa for your time today! It was lovely and filled me with lots of positivity and love so thank you

Poppy Jamie, Los Angeles, CA




melissawhite melissawhite


I am someone who believes in encouraging others to live life to their highest and most amazing potential. Over the years, I have met some amazing people who have helped me along my path and I'd love to share these resources with you. I highly recommend each person listed below and truly hope that you will find this information helpful.

Roxanne Astles
Believe Yoga Studio
Gorgeous studio, great energy and a warm, inviting atmosphere! Yoga is such an incredible way to create a body/mind/soul connection. Starting a yoga practice at Believe has been an amazing experience for me. Don't worry if you've never stepped foot in a yoga studio before, Roxanne and her team will make you feel very welcome and at ease. Hope to see you there!

Lorraine Scott
Loflex Holistic Services
Simple Healing Arts
Lorraine provides a lovely healing experience! She is knowledgeable and very helpful.

Carrie Holton
Reiki Master/Teacher
Balance Beyond
Carrie is an intuitive healer able to tune into your heart, physical body and soul.

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My hope is that you will find all that you are looking for. If you have any questions about the services offered, please feel very welcome to contact me. I find so much joy in helping others to discover the pure love and light of the Angelic and Spirit Realms. It is my pleasure to provide healing and hope.
With love and many blessings,



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